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Twelve South SurfacePad iPhone 6/6s - White

Introducing the Twelve South TS SurfacePad iP 6/6s, White - an ultra-thin, luxury leather cover designed intentionally for iPhone. Equipped with a unique blend of style and functionality, it offers enhanced protection against common everyday hazards, a minimal wallet feature, and a built-in stand for hands-free use. Embrace the confidence of a durable and excellent leather cover while enjoying the simplicity of a minimized wallet for your essential cards.

  • Protective Ultra-Thin Leather Cover
  • Built-In Viewing Stand
  • Card Slots for Instant Minimal Wallet
  • Reinforced Perimeter Stitching
  • Slimness that Fits into Your Pocket

Protective Ultra-Thin Leather Cover
The TS SurfacePad iPhone 6/6s cover is designed to uniquely protect your phone with a feather-light and credit card-thin structure. This luxury leather SurfacePad shields your iPhone from everyday hazards like the keys in your pocket or accidental scratches and nicks. This level of protection doesn't just safeguard but also enhances your iPhone.

Built-in Viewing Stand
Our SurfacePad cover is innovative and effortlessly flexes into a display mode. This integrated stand is perfect for hands-free use, like watching movies, FaceTiming with friends, or even taking timed group photos. Flex, sit back and enjoy.

Card Slots for Instant Minimal Wallet
The TS SurfacePad design features two card slots on the inside front cover. Use it as a minimal wallet, carrying only vital cards like your ID and bank card. With this, you can enjoy occasional nights out on the town worry-free, knowing all your essentials are in one place.

Reinforced Perimeter Stitching
Tailored aerodynamically to fit the contours of your iPhone, this SurfacePad comes with reinforced stitching around the perimeter for long-term durability and added style. This is not only impenetrable but also stylish, blending perfectly with your iPhone's aesthetics.

Slimness that Fits into Your Pocket
Despite its luxury and functionality, the Twelve South SurfacePad is slim enough to allow your iPhone to slide easily into your pocket. You don't have to deal with bulky covers or uncomfortable closures. Enjoy the comfort in your hand that a warm, soft napa leather offers against a slippery aluminium or a hard plastic case.

Package Includes

  • 1 x Twelve South TS SurfacePad iP 6/6s, White

Product Specifications

  • Model: TS SurfacePad iP 6/6s
  • Colour: White
  • Material: Luxury Leather
  • Additional Features: Built-in Viewing Stand, card slots
  • Targeted Device: iPhone 6/6s

About Twelve South®

Twelve South is a designer of premium tech accessories founded in 2009 and based in Charleston, South Carolina. They are known for their high-quality, innovative products for Apple devices like the BookBook case for iPhone, the BookArc stand for MacBooks, and the AirFly transmitter for AirPods. With a small team of 20 people, Twelve South focuses on craftsmanship and personal service. Their attention to detail results in products that elevate the user experience. Twelve South is passionate about technology and design, aiming to surprise customers and simplify their lives. They take pride in their South Carolina roots but distribute worldwide. Reviews praise their devices as perfection, allowing customers to get the most out of their tech. Though a tech company, Twelve South maintains a human touch in all operations.