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Twelve South SurfacePad for iPad Air 2 - Luxury leather case - Red

Twelve South SurfacePad for iPad Air 2 - Luxury leather case

  • Hands-free, stand for multiple viewing angles and a wedge for writing in a single impressive thin case for iPad.
  • The elegant case of premium leather surrounds and protects both sides of your iPad, without hiding or altering the beautiful profile of the iPad.
  • The hardcover front is lined with a soft blanket to protect the screen of your iPad.
  • Fold up front, SurfacePad wakes your iPad; Close it and your iPad returns to standby.

Covers the iPad without hiding it.

SurfacePad for iPad is a beautiful, slim case with a clean, modern design. SurfacePad adheres to the back of your iPad instead of snapping it in a shell or tuck it in a clumsily cover of plastic and rubber. This leaves the beautiful beveled edge visibility of your iPad. If you need to take your iPad at a diving and need to stop it in a waterproof case, simply pull away SurfacePad and attach it again when you're back on dry land. SurfacePad leaving no sticky residue or marks behind, just pure surface of a new iPad.

SurfacePad is available for iPad mini and iPad Air in the colors Camel, Jet Black and Red.

About Twelve South®

Twelve South is a designer of premium tech accessories founded in 2009 and based in Charleston, South Carolina. They are known for their high-quality, innovative products for Apple devices like the BookBook case for iPhone, the BookArc stand for MacBooks, and the AirFly transmitter for AirPods. With a small team of 20 people, Twelve South focuses on craftsmanship and personal service. Their attention to detail results in products that elevate the user experience. Twelve South is passionate about technology and design, aiming to surprise customers and simplify their lives. They take pride in their South Carolina roots but distribute worldwide. Reviews praise their devices as perfection, allowing customers to get the most out of their tech. Though a tech company, Twelve South maintains a human touch in all operations.